Audio-Visual: The Intersection of Art and Music
August 27-September 27, 2012
Salisbury University Art Galleries

Music and the Visual Arts are no strangers to each other. When thinking about the points at which these two creative disciplines intersect the examples are almost overwhelming. Of the plethora of examples, this exhibition seeks to highlight just a few exciting instances where music affects visual art, where music becomes visual art, and where the two become indistinguishable.

Much of the work included in this exhibition was part of the Notations 21 collection of visual, musical scores. Some of the scores still retain some of the features and symbols that most would recognize as sheet music, while others appear more like abstract drawings and bear no resemblance to traditional musical notation. More information about the history, use, and possibilities of graphic scores can be found in the book, Notations 21 by Theresa Sauer.