BEYOND VISION: messages from the holographic universe
March 4 – April 6, 2013
Salisbury University Art Galleries

“Plato likened our view of the world to that of an ancient forebear watching shadows meander across a dimly lit cave wall. He imagined our perceptions to be but a faint inkling of a far richer reality that flickers beyond reach. Two millennia later, it seems that Plato’s cave may be more than a metaphor. To turn his suggestion on its head, reality––not its mere shadow––may take place on a distant boundary surface, while everything we witness in the three common spatial dimensions is a projection of that faraway unfolding. Reality, that is, may be akin to a hologram. Or, really, a holographic movie.”   –Brian Greene, The Hidden Reality

What if we do live in a holographic universe? The idea that the physical world may not be all there is, or it seems to be, is at the heart of this exhibition. Each artist in this show explores those things that are just beyond vision: ghosts, spirits, black holes, theoretical physics, and the soul. Many experience these phenomena, yet they still prove too elusive to be commonly accepted as fact. With tangible materials and processes, such as oil painting, analog photography, quilting, filmmaking, radio transmissions, and digital imaging, the works in this show suggest many things beyond the ordinary and leave room to contemplate the unknown and the barely comprehensible. At the edges of science and religion, namely theoretical physics and mysticism, things start to look surprisingly familiar; they start to look like magic. This type of magic represents the distance between true reality and the understanding of things we cannot explain. It is in this incalculable distance that art can often connect the mystifying to the illustrative. Art, which is not bound by reason, can offer a doorway to the unknown and bring magic to our three dimensional reality. These artists help us grasp the distant faraway unfolding that may or may not be behind it.