Gallery Internship

I've taught Gallery Internship since 2011. This is an upper-level, 2 credit, elective course based on hands-on participation in gallery duties and inquiry into curatorial practices through homework assignments, readings, class discussions, and student-lead projects. It allows students gain insights into the workings of the professional art exhibition environment, and to combine practical work experience with academic analysis. The combination of fieldwork with academic work – based on research, analysis and critical reflection – makes the internship an intellectually challenging experience.

Student Work


Student-Lead Curatorial Projects

After studying different curatorial  and exhibition design practices, students are invited to create an exhibition as a group. Students are usually responsible for all aspects of the created exhibition from concept, to work selection, to graphics and installation. In the future I plan to conduct this as a small-group project, rather than treating the an entire class as one group. 


Exhibition Proposals

As a final assignment students are required to create a written exhibition proposal, including a curatorial/proposal statement, thorough exhibition plan, schematic drawings and/or images of artwork to be included in the proposed exhibition. Students also must present their ideas and exhibit plans to the class prior to turning in the final written proposal. 

Weightlessness by Anissa Sego

Space and Light by Joachim Gawryolek